Vulnerability Assessement

We know cyber can be daunting to understand and assess what is actually required to keep your organization safe. Here at Taupe Solutions, we speak in simple terms so the customer fully understands what we are doing and why we are doing the action. A vulnerability assessment is simply looking at your system from an attacker’s perspective to see where and how they can exploit you.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is more intrusive on a system as it attempts to compromise your systems as if we were an attacker trying to steal passwords, escalate privileges from a remote location or internal to your network. This is what’s known as “white hat hacking” as the same techniques are used on your system as the cybercriminals use. There are different perspectives from which our trained attackers can take in testing your systems. Full knowledge of the system (white box-insider threat), partial knowledge (gray box-insider and external threats), and zero knowledge of the systems or infrastructure (black box – external threat).

Cyber Security Policy

Our staff will assess your policy and guidance to ensure you have the right processes in place to safeguard your organization’s cyber posture.