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Get a winning strategy to defend against cyber criminals

Vulnerability Assessments


This process thoroughly evaluates potential threats and risks posed by websites, servers, wireless access points, networks, computer systems, and humans or sensors. By incorporating advanced analytics and rigorous data-driven analysis, this procedure is able to detect threats that would otherwise go undetected.

✓ Computer assessments

✓ Network tests

✓ Wireless scans

✓ Remediation

✓ Risk mitigation

Penetration Testing


Ethical Hacking, also known as “white hat hacking” or “pentesting,” is a practice that involves attempting to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, websites, and/or applications for the purpose of examining and exploiting their security vulnerabilities.

✓ Compromise assessment

✓ Physical assessment

✓ Social engineering

✓ Web application testing

✓ Infrastructure assessment

Contracting Services

We can manage a variety of non cybersecurity contracts and services by leveraging our network of skilled subcontractors. This allows us to deliver a broad range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of both DoD and civilian organizations.

✓ Prime Contracting

✓ Subcontract Management

✓ Project Coordination

✓ Contract Oversight

✓ Vendor Collaboration

   ✓ Service Integration

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Our highly-trained teams possess Top Secret security clearances and are highly proficient in protecting confidential techniques, processes and vulnerabilities from being exposed, ensuring the utmost security for your organization.

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We understand what the pandemic has done to the economy. We provide the best pricing around – ​we will price match the competitor.

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We are a professional organization with a team that mandates excellence in what they do and how they treat people.

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Rather than taking an extensive amount of time just to secure additional resources, we are committed to optimizing our efficiency and utilizing our resources in the most effective manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions from government and private customers.

A penetration test or vulnerability scan involves multiple elements, such as the number of IPs, computers, and wireless access points. This complexity makes it difficult for us to provide a general estimate for our services. We will provide the most accurate assement with the information you provide.
1. Ransomware Defense - Safeguard your digital assets against ransomware attacks, which hold computer systems and databases hostage for monetary gain. Our expert team will conduct thorough scans to identify vulnerabilities, block malicious ports, programs, and IP addresses. Be proactive; in 2020, ransomware demands reached a staggering $1.4 billion. 2. Insider Threat Mitigation - Protect your organization from internal threats originating from disgruntled current or former employees. Enlist our expert assistance in reviewing and strengthening your policies, procedures, and offboarding processes to secure your intellectual property and prevent malicious activities. 3. Comprehensive Physical Security - Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information by addressing the source of 75% of security breaches: unprotected documents and unsecured systems. Antivirus software alone cannot combat these risks. Implement our strategic solutions to deter unauthorized entry, such as tailgating in access-controlled areas, and secure your organization's physical assets.
Any businesses that connects to the internet. The more systems your organizations has on a network, the higher chance you have of being exploited due to human error and the higher probablity of a system being compromised.
Use the "Contact Us" feature to write your requirements we will get back to you.
JADC2 is the Department of Defenes concept to connect multiple sensors, data, and information from various locations to all the military services into a single command control node in order to efficiently and effectively make timely decisions. ABMS is the Air Forces program that will connect to this network as the Army and Navy have a similiar program to ABMS.